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How It Works

Style Consultation Check-List:

1. Schedule your appointment : Click HERE 

We only offer fittings through appointments. The first consultation usually takes about an hour, although we have seen some appointments range from 2-3 hours. We can expedite the process to about 45 minutes if you are on a tight schedule, but that is not ideal for a total design process. Custom clothing is all about being able to control the details, and there are a lot of details you can control.


2. Detailed Q&A on your style and design

During the Q & A we will ask you about your favorite colors, styles, and suit or shirt designs. This is the process that will help narrow down options to begin building your wardrobe.


3. Selection of fabric

During the fabric selection process we will provide you with an array of options based on your Q & A style session. But of course you are always welcome to skim through the sum 400+ fabric swatches we keep in stock.


4. Design and rendering of your garment

The design process can be tailored to fit your needs. Normally, we will walk our customers through the 3D visual designer so that you can get a look at what your final product will be like. Other customers, show us pictures of suits or shirts they like and we can match or suggest similar options. A final option is looking through our backend design book, this shows drawn images of our custom design options, this is the most detailed process we offer.


5. Body measurements

Taking your measurements is the final process. Depending on the garment, suit or shirt we take an average of 25-30 basic measurements. Then we will also take into account shoulder slope, chest shape, rear seat, posture, and arm length variation if any. Your measurements and our detailed notes and pictures are sent off to our master tailors to be crafted.


6. Delivery of your garments and final fitting

Our process is a combination bespoke/made to measure hybrid. While a new pattern is cut for each garment we only use the initial fitting to determine the measurements. After your suit or shirt is completed we will schedule your in person delivery and final fitting if necessary. We provide each of our customers a complimentary 2 week period for any minor alterations or concerns that are done locally by our master tailor. Some examples of minor alterations may include, letting out/taking in pant hems or  increase/decrease waist size. We promise 100% satisfaction with all of our garments and services and will strive to exceed your expectations.