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About Us

What makes us different?

Panno Divina is not shopping. Panno Divina is a custom tailored experience in all sense of the phrase. Just as each suit or shirt is unique, so should your experience with us. Our 3D platform will satisfy your hunger for unlimited styles and options and our educated consultants will make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your new custom clothing. We are competitive priced and guarantee to exceed all quality standards.The backbone of our company is centered on private fittings in the home or office; our goal is to provide our clients with refined custom clothing at competitive prices in a relaxed environment. We have tried and tested our fabrics in every way to ensure exceptional quality. We have spent detailed time working with our production plant and shipping department to ensure we have the fastest turn-around time in the industry. 

What we offer our clients:

We offer our clients an experience like no other in the custom clothing business. We start each consultation by qualifying each customer’s needs; what is their day to day wardrobe, budget and preferred style. Then we get into the fun part, the 3D design of your clothing. On a one of a kind 3D design system, each client can have endless designs and styles at their fingertips; watching as each decision you make comes to life in front of you. We believe that custom clothing experience should be unique to the individual. We work on your time and schedule, focusing on in-home or at office fittings. The only thing we ask of you is to sit back and relax – we take care of the rest.

Who We Are:

Panno Divina as a concept started years ago when I began searching for my very first suit. After years of settling for off the rack options, hundreds of dollars on poor alterations and uneducated salesman, I realized there had to be a simpler way. I yearned for a refined classical environment where tradition and education of suit making came together; where modern technology could take customizing a suit to the next level. It was then that Panno Divina was born. For me, there are few obstacles that you should look to avoid when suit shopping.

Obstacles Worth Avoiding:

  • Off the rack pricing that is more costly than custom
  • Settling on a suit simply because it is on sale
  • The overwhelming uncertainty of shopping online
  • Online stores asking you to take your own measurements
  • Following fashion trends that don’t fit your style
  • Feeling uneducated about suit quality and construction

Department Stores:

Department stores are consistently raising prices on suits and shirts while convincing their customers, those items are worth every penny. We deliver you the very best in custom clothing without breaking the bank; as our cost are based on canvas construction. The Panno Divina experience is tailored to your lifestyle. Working professionals should not be swayed by department store hours or large crowds of customers. We dedicate as little or as much time as you require and its on your time. Our suits and schedule is designed to fit you.

Buying Custom from a Website:

Not only do we use a proprietary visualization platform to ensure you see your creation from every angle but we also pride ourselves in paying close attention to detail. We take over 25 measurements. Did you know that most people have at least 1 sloped shoulder? How will a website tell you to reduce your left shoulder while decreasing the yoke and sleeve? Relax..We’ve got you covered, we will walk you through in person every step of making sure you suit or shirt is a flawless fit every time.

Following Fashion:

You should not feel obligated to buy only what is available in stores because of fashion trends or seasons. With our year round availability of fabrics its up to you what you want to wear, and how to wear it; of course we are always there to guide you during your experience. During a fitting, our consultants will provide you with a wide array of fabrics and options to chose from, all of which the final decision is up to you. For our first time customers we like to suggest the starter colors blue and grey, these add tremendous diversity to your wardrobe; 2 suits can become 8 new outfit varieties, either dressed up or down.

Suit Education:

We pride ourselves on educating our customers on the importance of suit construction and quality, all of which ensure longevity. All of our suits and sport coats are full canvas construction. We use a blend of camel hair and cotton to ensure proper balance. While the canvas is hidden from view on the exterior, it plays an important role in keeping balance, structure and shape of the suit. Over time a full canvassed suit will begin to conform to your body’s shape, thereby becoming a better fit the more you wear it. We also look at threading patterns and quality of buttons, all of which add to long term wear.

We know your time is important, so we offer fittings in your home or office.